Columbus Carriage House Bed & Breakfast


This beautiful Queen Anne Victorian was built in 1902 by Dr. Leslie & Caroline Wright. Dr. Wright was a veterinarian in Columbus at a time when veterinarians were a very important part of our community.  They lived in this home for over 30 years and had two children, Allyn and Mary Elizabeth.  Dr Wright and Caroline often traveled by train to visit their family back in New York State. Dr. Wright specialized in raising fur animals like mink.

The home was then sold to Dr. Cheli a local physician. He set this building up as a medical / dental clinic. At the beginning, most of his patients were seen at their homes, but later folks traveled to this home for doctor appointments. The dentist was located on the second floor.

And over 40 years later the home was sold to a young couple in Columbus. They restored many of the features of the home, insulated and added the back porch.

And lastly, we purchased it and turned it into a Bed & Breakfast. Two bathrooms were added on the second floor, lots of decorating, lots of stripping woodwork and paint.  This is a beautiful example of a grand old Victorian home now being celebrated as a fine building in our city.

A story about the train
Caroline Wright must have been quite a sight when she packed up all of her hats, gloves, dresses and other necessities for the train trip back to New York State. The daughter of the Wright's maid told us that she remembers horses and carriages lined up on Prairie Street, filled with hat boxes and luggage. At some point it would become clear that they would not complete the packing in time and so someone was sent to the train station with the message to "HOLD THE TRAIN" while packing was completed.

Finally everyone would board the carriages and ride in a procession down Dickason Boulevard to the train station.